The Eagle's Nest area of the Bisti Wilderness

  The Bisti Wilderness

The Bisti Arch in Alamo Wash in the Bisti Wilderness of northwestern New Mexico


Photograph the Bisti Wilderness: the Egg Garden, the Stone Wings, the Brown Hoodoos, and much more. This is my most popular tour.

The cost is just $475 for one or two people for one day. A two day tour is $725. Additional participants can be added for $150 each per day.

These prices do not include food, transportation, or lodging. Check the FAQ page for more tour info.

This tour involves a 5-7 mile hike each day in a harsh desert environment. Be sure you are physically capable of carrying all of you gear and enough water and food for each day of the tour. There are no amenities within 35 miles of this location.

I you wish to schedule the two day Bisti Tour, you will need to make arrangements for lodging in Farmington, New Mexico.

Call me at 575-829-3804 or e-mail me to reserve your tour dates then click on the Pay Pal link below to pay the 50% down payment. Once your payment is received I will send you an e-mail confirmation along with specific information regarding the tour


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