The Eagle's Nest area of the Bisti Wilderness

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Unusual, eroded rock formation in the Egg Garden section of the Bisti Wilderness


I have been photographing northern New Mexico for more than thirty years. in that time I have been to some amazing and other–worldly locations. Now you can take advantage
of the knowledge I have gained over that time. I can show you some of the best photography destinations in the southwest, from the Jemez Mountains to the Bisti Badlands. Call me at 575-829-3804 or e-mail me today to schedule a trip to one of these fascinating locations.



One of the most popular of the San Juan Basin Badlands.
Not as well known as the Bisti, but still a remarkable place.
A new wilderness area with plenty to see

In and around Jemez Springs and San Ysidro.

Rio Puerco Valley Adobe ruins and a volcanic landscape



“I strongly recommend the Bisti Wilderness Tour led by Jim Caffrey. Jim is very professional. He knows the areas very well and without his help I could never have found the things I wanted to see. Before going to the Bisti I conducted extensive research. Some people suggested staying along the main wash so I would not get lost. But doing so you might just wander around and never find the Egg Garden, the Brown Hoodos or the Stone Wings. I did not worry about getting lost while hiking with Jim. In addition, Jim is a photographer and he knows when the landscape has the best light and which perspective is the best.”

Chong Ho Yu - Bisti Tour Participant






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